about us

About Aayom

Aayom is a privately-owned management consulting firm. Roundly considered to be one the company of its kind, it has achieved a level of renown so great as to be known even to laymen, despite a decade-long commitment to confidentiality that causes the firm to shroud details of its work-and its client list-in secrecy. In its practice areas, it addresses strategic, organizational, operational and technological issues, always with a focus-according to the firm-of doing what is right for the client's business, not what is best for Aayom's bottom line. As for the range of those specialties, the list of industrial sectors the firm serves encompasses everything from commodities to the worlds of media, entertainment and high tech. Aayom has completed almost 90 projects for social-sector organizations (foundations and nonprofits), local, regional, national, and international governments and public-sector bodies over the last five years.

What We Do?

Businesses of all kinds have their own complications and situations to be worked at. All we do is suggest our clients the right areas on what to work, when to work and how to work. Business Solutions is about finding where the problem lies with in-depth internal research, using various tools like SWOT and PESTLE to investigate the situation flawlessly and finally taking up the most suitable strategic measure to get the desired results. Business Solutions is all about that. It is a systematic process of detecting, healing and progressing. We provide consultation, complete analysis with research and solution based on the case. It helps companies to gain that lost momentum in the market and spring back to business.

How We Do?

The result of a business consultant`s information gathering is not merely a report of what`s going wrong with your business or opportunities you may have overlooked, instead we will spend time analyzing your business. The point of analysis is to provide you with solutions to problems, solutions for improving weak areas, and concrete plans for capitalizing on opportunities to meet your goals.

This phase plays a vital role in rebuilding and strengthening the foundation of the business. We have onboard a bunch of analysts to take care of your business and guide you through the tunnel. We at first, read your behavioral pattern and its effect in the market. Our analysts, researchers and consultants work on your case from the first stage focusing on the weak points and trying to convert them to the company`s advantage.

Why Us?

  • We`re strategic - Our solutions are based in a thorough understanding of your business and requirements.
  • We`re collaborative - We work closely with our clients so that the voice that is heard and the image that is seen reflects a common vision.
  • We`re realistic - We recognize that your resources are limited, so we work within your parameters while contributing inspired ideas that make a real difference.
  • We specialize - We are a Business Consulting organization having an expertise in strategic expansions, with a team of highly specialized and experienced individuals, who come with distinctiveness in different verticals and industries.
  • We deliver - Review our work and you will see the real results we`ve achieved for real clients.