Extra Care Unit (ECU) as we call it, is quite aninquisitive topic to talk about. The idea behind this service is to provide solutions to major businesses as to what reasons lay behind the fall of business interest. It works on a complete Business Servicing Model. Here we provide everything from forming a detailed report of the company to assisting in all steps. We take all the necessary steps to ensure the company benefits from our help. We carry out a complete analysis on the company’s case and try to find where the problem lies. We have our specialized analysts and consultants working on your case. They investigate your business thoroughly and lay down various steps to be followed.


The reasons for failure can be that project lost its focus, difference of opinion or received conflicting demands from different business departments. A lot of systems develop unrealistic business cases, without clear objectives, with unmanaged expectations of performance or merely to follow the ‘Emperor’s new clothes syndrome’ of jumping on the latest technology bandwagon. Business users become increasingly frustrated with the barriers that limit their ability to implement change promptly and effectively.


Our business consulting provides advice and experience as a valuable resource for every country and every industry. There are several different areas in which this position applies, such as organizational development, technology, e-business, operations, communications, human resources, marketing, strategic planning, small business and other organizations that find the advice of professionals necessary for their growth. When this professional advice is needed, executives turn to analysts for their expertise to help them find ways to manage obstacles and create solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.We are responsible for identifying changing needs, assessing the impact of the change, capturing and documenting requirements and then ensuring that those requirements are delivered by IT whilst supporting the business through the implementation process. Business Analysts should not just write specifications and leave them to be delivered, they develop a lifestyle with an iterative approach and are involved from initial concept through to final implementation.


"This word goes out to all entrepreneurs who know that there just isn’t enough hours in one day to accomplish the weekly and monthly goals. The standards set are sometimes high enough where it’s just not reachable by the staff.  I have most definitely felt this way before myself. Always too much to do and not enough time to do it. Trying my best to learn from my mistakes, is the issue really that there is too much to do, or the issue lacks focus over analyzing a part of your business. Maybe none of the above or maybe all of the above?  When starting a new business it is extremely easy to become numb to certain things.  For example, you have created a user experience that makes money, it works, it flows however, does it need to change and why does it need to change?  Would change or evolution of a certain process or product or service in fact generate more revenue?  If you’re like me and are responsible for 1,000 different things in your business, then having the ability to see parts of your business is almost impossible. Entrepreneurs are alive and thinking constantly about the new idea, the new sale, the new partner, and how you’re going to buy Google some day right?  We think big because it’s all we know how to do. That’s when I got the idea of analyzing my business process and it worked wonders for me. Now I have a my own Business Consulting team to help other businesses the help they need."

Prerrit Mansingh, Head – Business Aayom Business Solutions